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ERP Comparison

A comprehensive list of ERP for manufacturing and distribution firms in North America. This free database includes useful information for creating candidate lists and validating current ERP. Not a dime is received from listed vendors.

ERP Cost

The average ERP purchase amount is about double what should be paid—and buyer terms are poor. Access our white paper on details to control the ERP buying process—and in turn save money and gain control.

Implementation Risks Control

A vast majority of ERP buyers do not understand how to control the ERP implementation. Access our white paper on the critical things to know, and do, to greatly lower ERP implementation risks and achieve top-level results.

Since 1996 Engleman Associates has delivered the SoftSelect ERP software selection process. This process has significantly evolved over time and now includes effective components for ERP cost control, ERP implementation risks control, and developing an overall ERP strategy. Since 2001 we have offered a summary version of our ERP research in an online ERP comparison database.