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Free ERP Comparison Database

Free ERP Comparison Database

Free ERP Comparison Database


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We make a summary version of our ERP software research available in an online ERP comparison database. This free ERP database is used for:

This free resource is designed to be practical and useful. It avoids inherently inaccurate detail, such as specific functionality and ERP cost information, which is subject to constant change.


ERP software vendors do not pay to be included and we DO NOT send database user names to ERP software vendors.


The links to the left provide information on the ERP database’s quality, usage, limitations, and why it is not practical to include ERP cost details.


Access free ERP comparison database.


Why This ERP Database is Made Available

The SoftSelect business unit of Engleman Associates, Inc. makes this summary ERP software data available to create awareness of its broader business software research, software selection, and implementation readiness process. This ERP comparison database has been available since 2001 and includes links to all listed ERP software vendors from North America.


ERP Vendors included in ERP Comparison Database


Insight on ERP vendor acquisition activity


Testimonials of ERP Database Users

"This online ERP listing was quite useful to our company. The ERP software product data is presented in a manner which made it easy to navigate. Finally, its accuracy and completeness was confirmed by our other ERP research—and this was unexpected for a free Internet resource."

Steve Ash, CFO Lombardi Design

“The SoftSelect ERP database was quite helpful in our ERP planning, however I asked why ERP cost information was not included. SoftSelect explained that a number of factors significantly affect the amount paid by a particular company—therefore no useful cost information could be included in the database.”

Gene Veltkamp, Waters Hot, Inc.