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Preparing to Implement ERP


A vast majority of ERP implementations are held back by numerous obstacles—some seen and some unseen. The ramifications are overly costly and stressful implementations that fall well short of the true business potential of the ERP project.

The following is information about an ERP implementation approach that avoids standard implementation assumptions and practices—mainly by elevating the buyer to have the right skill and capacity to lead the project. This implementation approach, from Engleman Associates, Inc. (EAI), is comprised of (1) Pre-implementation Planning and (2) Implementation Support—which could take different forms, such as periodic monitoring of the implementation to full internal project management.

Preparing for ERP Implementations. Controlling ERP Implementations.


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“Just the Facts” Webinar

It’s difficult to convey the strength of the Engleman Associates Implementation approach through the written word. Therefore we encourage you to participate in our free one-hour webinar on ERP implementation control. This webinar is a 'just the facts' case study and not a sales pitch. We strive to make this a productive use of your time as you will take away concepts and tips to use. The presenter is typically Mark Engleman who developed this overall implementation control process. He has been involved in over 600 ERP projects and has presented hundreds of ERP training webinars. For the current schedule, send an email to or give us a call.





“At the start of our ERP replacement project we had many years of legacy business processes that were visible and familiar to my team. Not as visible to my team were the better go-forward business processes and new options with modern ERP's business intelligence, workflows, and configurability capabilities. Engleman Associates, Inc. first provided education for my team on modern ERP options and the concept of highly connected process execution across our enterprise. Then they helped us design future-state processes with a focus on current business process problems, improvement ideas, and apparently unique process we had. This pre-implementing planning significantly helped us step above the limitations of our current ERP and attachment to existing business processes and tools, and more clearly see better go-forward processes. We also increase our enthusiasm and resolve to achieve these go-forward processes.”

Jeff Markham, President, Cornell Pump Company

“It was always obvious to us that our ERP project was about achieving better business process, lower costs, and better serving customers. However it was not obvious how to effectively conduct and lead this business process planning. Engleman Associates, Inc. (EAI) provided valuable assistance in how to conduct and lead this critical business process planning. Key to this assistance were techniques to focus on the approximate 20% of all future-state business processes, process exceptions, and metrics that were somewhat unusual at Provo Craft—as compared to ones more routine. This assistance made a solid contribution to our success.

Gary Walters, SAP Technical Project Manager. Provo Craft

“Engleman Associates played a significant and positive role in helping us select and prepare to implement an ERP system that was appropriate for our business. This included educating our ERP selection team about the attributes and relevance of modern ERP. Due to the success of the selection process, we utilized Engleman Associates for pre-implementation business process planning—and other readiness activities. This preparation proved to be invaluable for our ability to control implementation costs and results. Finally the confidence and learning gained from these services was critical to enabling the organizational change management needed to reach toward the ERP project potential.”

Dave Preikszas, VP of Operations, Aplicare, Inc.