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Our ERP software selection service is built and tuned from experience gained in more than 1900 enterprise software projects. It includes an effective ERP license cost control component. The offering is composed of:

Methods and Tools

We have continually learned and refined our techniques in more than 1900 ERP projects since 1996. The more successful elements of this learning are formalized in proprietary methods and tools. These methods and tools enable us to work much more efficiently than we could without our structure. This reduces the time needed to achieve necessary objectives by as much as 50%. The SoftSelect methods and tools are not a cookie cutter approach, but are adapted to each client’s unique project.

SoftSelect Project Team

For ERP selection projects, our consultant's key skills lie in experience in the business processes that ERP should support for a client project. Other necessary consultant attributes are: (1) ERP project and industry experience, (2) knowledge of modern ERP tools and purpose, (3) complex project management skill, and (4) credibility and adaptability. With these skills, our consultants can purposefully engage participants from shop floor employees to executives. Since 1996 to today, Engleman Associates, Inc.'s business model has been to collaborate with independent consultants. The current core team has over five years of working together and is highly coordinated, based on experience, trust, and common methods.

Business Software Research and Insight

Our company maintains formal research and qualitative information on ERP and other business software types such as CRM, MES, WMS, and PLM. We interact with the ERP sellers and other business software professionals in day-to-day project work. This has been the primary method by which we stay current with the relative strengths and weaknesses of these business software products. This information, plus client-specific screening factors, is what influences the software long-list we recommend to a client. Our company has no formal relationship with any software vendor—for any financial or other purpose. Our sole focus is the ERP buyer’s interests. Click here to review our ERP comparison database.



The key results of SoftSelect ERP selection assistance for our clients are:

“Just the Facts” Webinar

It’s difficult to convey the strength of the SoftSelect ERP selection service through the written word. Therefore we encourage you to participate in our free one-hour webinar on ERP software selection. We make this a productive use of your time as you take away useful concepts and tips based on our experience in more than 1900 ERP projects. Sign up for our introductory webinar on ERP selection.