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The logos shown represent a small number of Engleman Associates, Inc. clients over the years. They are companies in literally all manufacturing and distribution industries, and range in size from around $4,000,000 to over a billion dollars (in annual sales). These listed companies were provided services such as ERP selection assistance, ERP strategic planning, and/or ERP implementation management.


“The sellers of ERP licenses, maintenance, and services sell an expensive and complicated product—and buyers can understandably become confused. We saw firsthand how the sellers expected this confusion and how they attempted to exploit it. The control that SoftSelect put in place was impressive. They knew the sellers tactics and behaviors and pushed through a confident selection and a very healthy purchase arrangement for our company.”

David Hohler, Director of IT, Salient Surgical Technologies


Nelson Global Products - SoftSelect clientSimon Pearce - SoftSelect clientCAN-med Healthcare - SoftSelect clientControlTek - SoftSelect client


Dawar Technologies - SoftSelect clientG&L Manufacturing - SoftSelect clientMennonite Central Committee - SoftSelect clientBuckeye Technologies Inc. - SoftSelect client


SB Electronics - SoftSelect clientMultimedia Games - SoftSelect clientSalient Surgical Technologies - SoftSelect clientCompuLink - SoftSelect client


“We took full advantage of the SoftSelect process tools supported with remote coaching from the expert resources of SoftSelect. When we found ourselves getting bogged-down in the selection variables and uncertainties, the periodic project discussions with a true expert were a positive and timely boost. SoftSelect is a wise investment in support of the ERP selection and implementation process.”

Roger Gillespie, Datron World Communications, Inc.


Clark Precision Machined Components - SoftSelect clientStickley - SoftSelect clientDRS Technologies - SoftSelect clientCoating Place Inc - SoftSelect client


Revision Eyewear - SoftSelect clientCobham Avionics - SoftSelect clientJordan Transformer LLC - SoftSelect clientAustin's - SoftSelect client


CreativeXpress - SoftSelect clientUniversal Acoustic and Emission Technologies - SoftSelect clientThreshold Enterprises - SoftSelect clientCST Inc - SoftSelect client


“Remote Coaching by SoftSelect was ideal in fulfilling our ERP consulting needs. At critical milestones, timely and expert advice by seasoned ERP consultants provided cost effective support for our projects. We could not have completed the project without their support.”

Charlie Muller, Threshold Enterprises


Provo Craft - SoftSelect clientAltair Nanotechnologies - SoftSelect clientLeupold - SoftSelect clientDavis-Standard  - SoftSelect client


Roper Pumps - SoftSelect clientVeris Industries - SoftSelect clientCottrell - SoftSelect clientDatron - SoftSelect client


Clark Metal Products - SoftSelect clientTrans-Coil - SoftSelect clientRestek - SoftSelect clientA & K Railroad - SoftSelect client


“Selecting and purchasing the most appropriate enterprise software is complicated — to say the least. The SoftSelect team made a large contribution to the quality of the results."

Bruce Skousen, A & K Railroad Materials, Inc.


Leprino Foods - SoftSelect clientMiteq - SoftSelect clientCornell Pump - SoftSelect client


Acutronic - SoftSelect clientCentral States Industries - SoftSelect clientThe Aagard Group - SoftSelect clientRocky Brands - SoftSelect client


Crary Company - SoftSelect clientCoilhouse Pneumatics - SoftSelect clientFL Smidth RAHCO - SoftSelect clientStored Energy Systems - SoftSelect client


St. Mary's Carbon Company - SoftSelect clientArtex - SoftSelect clientTrue-Tech Corporation - SoftSelect clientPerma Life Products - SoftSelect client


Oldenburg Group - SoftSelect clientEngineered Products Co. - SoftSelect clientMetabasis Therapeutics - SoftSelect clientMagic Hat Brewing Company - SoftSelect client


Tramco - SoftSelect clientATS Automation Tooling Systems - SoftSelect clientWilton Armetale - SoftSelect clientWater Gremlin Co. - SoftSelect client


Wastequip - SoftSelect clientMiller Felpax - SoftSelect clientCinch Connectors - SoftSelect clientBridgeview Aerosol - SoftSelect client


Mitsubishi Power Systems - SoftSelect clientVersa - SoftSelect clientFlorence Manufacturing Company - SoftSelect clientOmega Engineering - SoftSelect client


Gala - SoftSelect clientCrane Electronics - SoftSelect clientNorthern Power Systems - SoftSelect clientBaylis Medical - SoftSelect client


Tote Cart - SoftSelect clientProton Energy Systems - SoftSelect clientEgyptian Concrete - SoftSelect clientPlastiques Gagnon - SoftSelect client


Gregory - SoftSelect clientBudnick Converting - SoftSelect clientKice Industries - SoftSelect clientContech - SoftSelect client


Universal Packaging Systems - SoftSelect clientOwen Industries - SoftSelect clientMiller Welding & Iron Works - SoftSelect clientHollingsworth & Vose - SoftSelect client


Hammond Group - SoftSelect clientCountry Home Products - SoftSelect clientAmerican Coaster Company - SoftSelect clientPinnacle Foods - SoftSelect client


Jenkins Research & Manufacturing - SoftSelect clientAqua Control - SoftSelect clientTargray Solar - SoftSelect clientPredator Systems - SoftSelect client


HN Automotive - SoftSelect clientWisconsin Coil Spring - SoftSelect clientMicromeritics Instruments Corporation - SoftSelect clientGenitope Corporation - SoftSelect client


EMSEAL - SoftSelect clientIndependence Tube - SoftSelect clientTechnical Metals - SoftSelect clientData I/O - SoftSelect client


Concote Corporation - SoftSelect clientUnited Defense - SoftSelect clientKomari America - SoftSelect clientKing Controls - SoftSelect client


Erie Plastics - SoftSelect clientBestar - SoftSelect clientSeal & Design - SoftSelect clientHancock Lumber - SoftSelect client


Digital Instruments - SoftSelect clientSolid State Measurements - SoftSelect clientHunter Lab - SoftSelect clientAdvance Manufacturing Technology - SoftSelect client


Glenroy Inc. - SoftSelect clientAbbeyMoor Medical - SoftSelect clientWindham Millwork, Inc. - SoftSelect clientSureFire - SoftSelect client


Pier Pleasure - SoftSelect clientNook Industries - SoftSelect clientMaster Solutions, Inc. - SoftSelect clientElDorado National - SoftSelect client


Cresline Plastic Pipe Co. - SoftSelect clientCreation Technologies - SoftSelect clientNailite International - SoftSelect clientGeorge Evans - SoftSelect client


EH Baare - SoftSelect clientComponents Company Incorporated - SoftSelect clientBollman Hat Company - SoftSelect clientBardons & Oliver - SoftSelect client


NuStep - SoftSelect clientMarshfield Door Systems - SoftSelect clientLDG Electronics - SoftSelect clientITT Fluid Technologies - SoftSelect client


International Liner - SoftSelect clientAdvanced Acoustics - SoftSelect clientRhino Foods - SoftSelect clientMicromedics - SoftSelect client


MGS - SoftSelect clientLubrication Engineers - SoftSelect clientElectri-Cord Manufacturing CompanyElectri-Cord Manufacturing Company - SoftSelect clientC & D Assembly - SoftSelect client


Ascension Industries - SoftSelect clientWinfield Fenner Precision - SoftSelect clientNational Wheel-O-Vator - SoftSelect clientCapital Adhesives - SoftSelect client


Applied Felts - SoftSelect clientTransact Technologies - SoftSelect clientSunrise Identity - SoftSelect clientMIC Industries - SoftSelect client


Aspen Manufacturing - SoftSelect clientAdvanced Pressure Technology - SoftSelect clientSEPAC - SoftSelect clientWheatland Tube - SoftSelect client


Novera Optics - SoftSelect clientMilcut - SoftSelect clientCold Jet - SoftSelect clientBal Seal Engineering - SoftSelect client


Autumn Harp - SoftSelect clientPower Drives, Inc. - SoftSelect clientLake Shirts - SoftSelect clientSpectra-Tech - SoftSelect client


Pacific Crest Industries - SoftSelect clientNorth American Membership Group - SoftSelect clientMiller Centrifugal Casting - SoftSelect clientL.E. Smith Company - SoftSelect client


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - SoftSelect clientContempri Industries - SoftSelect clientAlcraft - SoftSelect clientPowerflow - SoftSelect client


Klise Manufacturing Co. - SoftSelect clientJamestown Advanced Products - SoftSelect clientAvcon Railings - SoftSelect clientAmerican Meter Company - SoftSelect client


Crompton Davis-Standard - SoftSelect clientARCAT - SoftSelect clientAvail Medical Products - SoftSelect clientRoppe - SoftSelect client


Americhem - SoftSelect clientZales - SoftSelect clientSafety Components International - SoftSelect clientC&H Sugar - SoftSelect client


A&D Mercury Pty Ltd. - SoftSelect clientGen-Probe - SoftSelect clientHutchens Industries - SoftSelect clientSpryCool - SoftSelect client


AJL Manufacturing - SoftSelect client Moore Wallace - SoftSelect client

…and over 1000 more since 1996.


Providing Client References: Typically, potential clients become initially familiar with our methods and project tools through webinars and/or written information. If discussions proceed, we then arrange two to three references for our prospect with companies we have recently helped, and who have experienced our latest methods and tools. We usually locate references of companies from similar industries, size and service needs as our prospect. This similarity is not so important when learning further about our methods and project tools as they have a broad track record in all manufacturing and distribution industries and company sizes. However it is important when we propose a consultant or consultant team—to be attractive they must show suitable experience for the industry and company size of our prospect. This is true whether we are presenting (1) an ERP selection consultant, (2) ERP implementation management support, or (3) a consultant for a general business process improvement assignment.