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Download ERP Implementation Risks Control WhitepaperIn our experience, there is an ERP implementation paradigm that is the main force behind implementation problems, additional costs, and marginal results. It is:


A majority of companies buying ERP do not understand the true potential of an ERP project and the internal project controls needed to reach this potential—and ERP implementer’s services are designed and delivered to accommodate these ERP buyers and their limitations.


In our over 1900 ERP related projects since 1996 we have observed implementation issues and ideas, and typical implementation practices. The paradigm described above materially affects well over 90% of the projects we see or hear about. And this negative paradigm would not be recognized by most ERP implementers—as it is the norm and the culture.


Starting in 2004 Engleman Associates, Inc. developed the concept for a different implementation control approach—and the current day version of this approach is described in the white paper available on this web page. More specifically this white paper provides information on:

  1. True ERP project potential: A description of the true potential of an ERP project that can only be achieved with a modernized ERP system.
  2. Implementation processes and protocols to reach the ERP project potential: Presented first is the advocated process to reach toward true ERP project potential and then key project execution protocols to follow during the project.
  3. Typical obstacles to this advocated planning: Why the type of implementation planning and control techniques advocated in this white paper are rarely conducted well—even if tried.

It took about four years to stabilize this ERP implementation process as it was significantly different from what nearly all ERP implementers offered.  Today we have solid success stories—which is the basis for this white paper.  We hope you find this paper thought-provoking.


Download white paper on ERP Implementation Risks Control.