ERP Comparison Database Vendors

The following ERP software vendors are included in the SoftSelect ERP comparison database. This list changes on a regular basis as ERP offerings or vendors are removed based on general weaknesses and new ERP vendors added.  Some ERP vendors have multiple ERP offerings in the ERP database.



ERP software vendors or ERP software products are not included in this ERP list if they are:

  • Overall weak in market presence or technology.
  • Focused on other geographical markets and not properly supported in the North American market.
  • An add-on solution to a base ERP that attempts to make the ERP suitable for a particular vertical industry.
  • Not significantly suitable for use in a manufacturing and distribution firms.

For questions or comments about ERP listed contact us.

Why ERP Listed in this Database don't have a 'CLOUD' Designation

Cloud ERP is generally described by the following attributes:

  1. ERP hosted by some entity (could be the user)
  2. ERP maintenance and upgrades managed by another entity
  3. Remotely accessed by users (browser and other techniques)
  4. Pay as you go model (subscription).

Once educated, buyers become aware of the pros and cons of details within these attributes and their options. Based on a buyer's point of view on 'Cloud ERP' many of the Cloud offerings will not be suitable, including many of the pure-play ERP Cloud offerings. Conversely some ERP will meet a particular buyer's 'Cloud ERP' objectives—even thought the ERP may normally be used on-premise. Therefore a 'Cloud' or 'not Cloud' designation would simply be misleading.

This is an area of significant misinformation and hype as detailed in our white paper on the topic.