“Our ERP implementation project was a lot of fun—really no hassles. We came in under budget and completed ahead of schedule.”

Steven Utopia, COO - Fantasy Land Manufacturing Corp.

Radical ERP Implementation Control

Well . . . Steven Utopia (quote above) does not exist, but what he said is possible. However numerous forces effectively make such a vision nearly impossible. In our long experience, the main forces holding back ERP implementation projects is the current paradigm largely described by:

A majority of companies buying ERP do not understand the real potential of an ERP project—much less the extreme project discipline and leadership needed to reach this potential.

ERP implementers, as a group, are culturally resigned to accept the status of typical ERP buyers and have lost the instincts to challenge this paradigm of malaise.

In our over 1000 ERP related projects since 1996 we have observed the paradigm described above materially affects a vast majority of the projects we see or hear about.  Further, this paradigm of lost opportunity would not be recognized by most ERP implementers as their culture and methods presume this pervasive typical situation.

In 2004, Engleman Associates, Inc. (EAI) began developing a concept for a different implementation control approach which at its core addressed the biggest obstacle to real success: ERP buyers not properly controlling their projects. After nearly 20 years of evolution, the present day version of this approach is described in this section of our website.

Today we have solid success stories—and are developing many more.

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ERP Risk Control


Hiring an ERP Implementer


Controlling ERP Implementation Complexity


Full Benefits of Using Radical ERP Implementation Controls


ERP Selection – Cornell Pump

Negotiating ERP costs is complicated and the ERP software vendors take advantage of the buyer’s lack of experience. SoftSelect’s experience and influence helped us level the playing field. We clearly saved money and lowered our long term risk.

Jeff Markham

ERP Selection – Leupold & Stevens

Long term ERP license costs were initially very difficult to calculate. Working with SoftSelect we were able to insist on a predicable ERP license fee approach and achieve much lower initial and ongoing license fee costs.

Paul Castle

ERP Selection – Provo Craft

SoftSelect was a great partner throughout the process of choosing an ERP solution. They helped us control the terms throughout the ERP buying process, and we achieved impressive results in reduced ERP license fees. Having an experienced partner like SoftSelect, helped us negotiate for the products we need and set our expectations for the process of implementing these solutions.

Nate White
Nate White, COO, Provocraft

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