Our Core Service Delivery Team

Our core service delivery team is presented below. Additionally, we work with a network of independent consultant partner companies and individuals that sell and support client services using the methodology, tools, and support from Engleman Associates, Inc.

Mark EnglemanMark Engleman
President and Founder

Mark founded this company in 1996 and has been involved in about six hundred enterprise software projects and has delivered hundreds of webinars and workshops on enterprise software selection and controlling implementations. Over the years, as projects have been performed, Mark has collected and organized the more successful service techniques. He has also been responsible for the development of the tools and enterprise business software research to support these services.

Key Consultant Partners and Advisors:


Kile McCarty 
Partner since 2020


Christian Berrigan
Partner since 2008

Rick Fisher

Rick Fisher
Partner since 2006

Phil Schopke

Phil Schopke
Partner since 2015

Mike Ralph

Mike Ralph
Partner since 2005


Steve Douglas
Partner since 2019

Mike Stankavich
ERP Database Development

Mike is the key developer of the SoftSelect ERP comparison database that enables our team to effectively monitor and understand the status of ERP applications in an environment of continual change.  He has filled this role since 1997.

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