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ERP Comparison Database

A comprehensive list of ERP for all sizes of manufacturing and distribution firms. This free ERP Package database is used to create candidate ERP system lists and validating current ERP.  We underscore that not a dime has ever been received from ERP vendors—in any way—in developing and presenting ERP software information.

ERP listed in the database shown here

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Enterprise Resource Planning software is complex--as are the ERP system cost models of many ERP vendors. This complexity and the inexperience of buyers has led to an industry culture that is not favorable at all for unprepared ERP buyers. The SoftSelect ERP cost control techniques are aggressive in the ERP buyer's interests. ERP Software Cost Control: Learn details on how to control the ERP buying process—and in turn reduce ERP system costs and gain control. >>>

ERP Implementation Risks Control: Time-tested knowledge to greatly lower ERP implementation risks, control ERP implementation costs, and achieve top-level results. >>>

ERP In the Cloud: Cut through the hype and misinformation. This paper presents the reality and options available to cloud ERP buyers. >>>

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