ERP Software Cost Control

We have extensive experience in controlling the cost and terms for buying access to ERP packages. When compared to typical results our clients achieve (1) large initial ERP cost savings, (2) Lower life cycle ERP costs, and (3) better commercial control in the life of the business relationship.

Key ERP Package cost control objectives are:

Lower costs: Arrange initial and ongoing costs for ERP application licenses and maintenance that are far below normal amounts paid (usually 40% or more). It is important to note that reduced costs are highly influenced by favorably defining (1) what functions are included in ERP programs, and (2) rights of various ERP user and device licenses.

Control purchase terms, lower risk, and preserve cash: Establish ERP program purchase terms that enable your company to buy various ERP access licenses when they are needed and at a predicable cost. This is contrasted to how most ERP packages are purchases in which the buyer pays for all or most licenses up-front and with no controls for future purchases.

Control ongoing ERP costs: Arrange ERP subscriptions or maintenance fees that are competitive and commercial terms that control increases to these costs over time. Further contain the insidious effects of certain contract language that affects the ERP usage rights over time.

Before interaction with candidate ERP software vendors we educate your team on what ERP should cost and what tactics or arguments you may encounter from candidate software vendors. This coaching intends to build useful resilience and confidence on this topic for the ERP selection team and executive sponsors.

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ERP Selection – Cornell Pump

Negotiating ERP costs is complicated and the ERP software vendors take advantage of the buyer’s lack of experience. SoftSelect’s experience and influence helped us level the playing field. We clearly saved money and lowered our long term risk.

Jeff Markham

ERP Selection – Provo Craft

SoftSelect was a great partner throughout the process of choosing an ERP solution. They helped us control the terms throughout the ERP buying process, and we achieved impressive results in reduced ERP license fees. Having an experienced partner like SoftSelect, helped us negotiate for the products we need and set our expectations for the process of implementing these solutions.

Nate White
Nate White, COO, Provocraft

ERP Selection – Leupold & Stevens

Long term ERP license costs were initially very difficult to calculate. Working with SoftSelect we were able to insist on a predicable ERP license fee approach and achieve much lower initial and ongoing license fee costs.

Paul Castle

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