Engleman Associates, Inc. (EAI) has provided ERP consulting services to companies since 1996 and now over 1000 client projects. Our main offerings are to help clients in ERP selections, ERP implementation readiness, and enterprise application strategy planning.

Our ERP selection offering is reasonably described as the most experienced approach in the US market today. This is based on EAI’s

  • 1000 plus client projects.
  • Culture of continual improvement.
  • Methodology that is well-documented and scalable.
  • Track record of unbiased advice.
  • Adaptation to large changes in the ERP market over the years.

Control of client costs and commercial terms in ERP projects is a key focus in all services. To do well here takes considerable skill and industry knowledge as the ERP seller’s culture is aggressive on revenue generation over time and sellers don’t expect buyers to effectively stand up to this strong self-interest.

If your company is contemplating, or involved in, an enterprise software project—then the information on this website and videos on our YouTube channel may be of interest to you.

This information seeks to explain and demonstrate EAI’s vast experience in the ERP industry, in which the buyer’s interest were primary and comprehensively pursued.

Engleman Associates & SoftSelect History

  • Engleman Associates and SoftSelect History

    SoftSelect is Launched

    Our company began in 1996. At that time it had the name SoftSelect Systems, LLC and solely focused on developing and distributing a business software selection process. The original selection tools were acquired from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). These tools were (1) a functional requirements diagnostic tool used by software selection teams and (2) a database of functional and technical attributes of about 500 business software offerings of the day. Consultant partners would use the diagnostic tool and send the results to us for comparison against this database of business software.

  • Engleman Associates and SoftSelect History

    Continuous Improvements to Our Tools, Methods and Support

    In these early years we continually added improved methods and broader support for ERP selection projects. The original tools were substantially retired by 2004 based on changes in software markets and our evolving techniques to conduct selection work.

  • Engleman Associates and SoftSelect History

    Company Renamed to Engleman Associates, Inc.

    In 2006 the company name was changed from SoftSelect Systems LLC to Engleman Associates, Inc. One key reason for this change was to have a company name that was more in line with our expanded service offerings from the original business software selection roots.

    A key service added around 2006 was helping ERP buyers prepare for implementations. This service addition was a natural as implementation difficulties were more the norm and because it built upon the ERP selection process. This service has evolved considerably over the years and today is significantly contributes to the ERP buyers control of results, calendar time, and cost in an implementation.

  • Engleman Associates and SoftSelect History

    Celebrating 20 Years and Over 900 ERP Projects

    Our ERP services and consultant team is highly experienced from the lessons learned in over 900 enterprise software projects over the years.

Let us show you how our experience can achieve a better outcome on your company's ERP project.

ERP Selection – Provo Craft

SoftSelect was a great partner throughout the process of choosing an ERP solution. They helped us control the terms throughout the ERP buying process, and we achieved impressive results in reduced ERP license fees. Having an experienced partner like SoftSelect, helped us negotiate for the products we need and set our expectations for the process of implementing these solutions.

Nate White
Nate White, COO, Provocraft

ERP Selection – Leupold & Stevens

Long term ERP license costs were initially very difficult to calculate. Working with SoftSelect we were able to insist on a predicable ERP license fee approach and achieve much lower initial and ongoing license fee costs.

Paul Castle

ERP Selection – Cornell Pump

Negotiating ERP costs is complicated and the ERP software vendors take advantage of the buyer’s lack of experience. SoftSelect’s experience and influence helped us level the playing field. We clearly saved money and lowered our long term risk.

Jeff Markham

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