The logos shown represent a small number of Engleman Associates, Inc. clients since 1996. They are companies in all manufacturing and distribution industries, and range in size from around $4,000,000 to over a billion dollars (in annual sales). These listed companies were provided services such as ERP selection assistance, Enterprise Software Strategy planning, and ERP implementation readiness preparation work.

ERP Strategy – G & L Manufacturing

The relevant factors for deciding if we should keep or replace our current ERP were not clear to us. SoftSelect helped us determine these factors and helped us establish our current ERP’s merit against the general capability of current market ERP. The education on modern ERP and implementation control were especially helpful and changed how we analyzed our ERP options.

Chris Brearey

ERP Selection Quote – Altairnano, Inc.

Confidence and control in the selection decision and purchase terms were the two best results of utilizing the SoftSelect process.

Toni Bondi, Director - Accounting, Altairnano, Inc.

ERP Selection – Cornell Pump

Negotiating ERP costs is complicated and the ERP software vendors take advantage of the buyer’s lack of experience. SoftSelect’s experience and influence helped us level the playing field. We clearly saved money and lowered our long term risk.

Jeff Markham

ERP Implementation Control – Cornell Pump Company

At the start of our ERP replacement project we had many years of legacy business processes that were visible and familiar to my team. Not as visible to my team were the better go-forward business processes and new options with modern ERP’s business intelligence, workflows, and configurability capabilities. Engleman Associates, Inc. first provided education for my team on modern ERP options and the concept of highly connected process execution across our enterprise. Then they helped us design future-state processes with a focus on current business process problems, improvement ideas, and apparently unique process we had. This pre-implementing planning significantly helped us step above the limitations of our current ERP and attachment to existing business processes and tools, and more clearly see better go-forward processes. We also increase our enthusiasm and resolve to achieve these go-forward processes.

Jeff Markham

ERP Project General Support – Threshold Enterprises

Remote Coaching by SoftSelect was ideal in fulfilling our ERP consulting needs. At critical milestones, timely and expert advice by seasoned ERP consultants provided cost effective support for our projects. We could not have completed the project without their support.

Charlie Muller

ERP Selection – Provo Craft

SoftSelect was a great partner throughout the process of choosing an ERP solution. They helped us control the terms throughout the ERP buying process, and we achieved impressive results in reduced ERP license fees. Having an experienced partner like SoftSelect, helped us negotiate for the products we need and set our expectations for the process of implementing these solutions.

Nate White
Nate White, COO, Provocraft

ERP Selection – A & K Railroad

Selecting and purchasing the most appropriate enterprise software is complicated — to say the least. The SoftSelect team made a large contribution to the quality of the results.

Bruce Skousen

ERP Implementation Control – Salient Surgical Technologies

We wanted to lead and control our ERP project and not be dependent on an implementer. The Engleman Associates’ approach to manage the project significantly helped us meet this objective. A key element of this support was the early detection and resolution of insidious project problems–and in turn the avoidance of compounding problems. This greatly lowered my strain.

David Hohler
David Hohler, CIO, Salient Surgical Technologies (acquired by Medtronic)

ERP Selection – Datron

We took full advantage of the SoftSelect process tools supported with remote coaching from the expert resources of SoftSelect. When we found ourselves getting bogged-down in the selection variables and uncertainties, the periodic project discussions with a true expert were a positive and timely boost. SoftSelect is a wise investment in support of the ERP selection and implementation process.

Roger Gillespie

ERP Selection – Leupold & Stevens

Long term ERP license costs were initially very difficult to calculate. Working with SoftSelect we were able to insist on a predicable ERP license fee approach and achieve much lower initial and ongoing license fee costs.

Paul Castle

ERP Strategy – ControlTek

ERP change is coming one day at our company, but we were unsure of the right timing, actual risks, and costs for which to prepare. The assistance from SoftSelect was very helpful—especially to understand what ‘controlled costs’ would be—as well as how to control typical implementation problems. This was a large contribution to containing the serious uncertainties we had about how to proceed.

Carl Neidhart

ERP Selection – Salient Surgical

The sellers of ERP licenses, maintenance, and services sell an expensive and complicated product—and buyers can understandably become confused. We saw firsthand how the sellers expected this confusion and how they attempted to exploit it. The control that SoftSelect put in place was impressive. They knew the sellers tactics and behaviors and pushed through a confident selection and a very healthy purchase arrangement for our company.

David Hohler
David Hohler, Director of IT, Salient Surgical Technologies (acquired by Medtronic)

ERP Implementation Control – Provo Craft

It was always obvious to us that our ERP project was about achieving better business process, lower costs, and better serving customers. However it was not obvious how to effectively conduct and lead this business process planning. Engleman Associates, Inc. (EAI) provided valuable assistance in how to conduct and lead this critical business process planning. Key to this assistance were techniques to focus on the approximate 20% of all future-state business processes, process exceptions, and metrics that were somewhat unusual at Provo Craft—as compared to ones more routine. This assistance made a solid contribution to our success.

Gary Walters

…and over 800 more since 1996.

Providing Client References

After initial familiarization with our service offerings, our prospects usually request to speak with existing clients of EAI. We have many client references and usually have one or more recent references that have alignment with the service being considered and from the industry and company size of our prospect.

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