ERP Consultants


Company History



Our company began in 1996. At that time it had the name SoftSelect Systems, LLC and solely focused on developing and distributing a business software selection process. The original selection tools were acquired from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). These tools were (1) a functional requirements diagnostic tool used by software selection teams and (2) a database of functional and technical attributes of about 500 business software offerings of the day. Consultant partners would use the diagnostic tool and send the results to us for comparison against this database of business software.


Since 1996, and from the lessons learned in over 1900 enterprise software projects, the offerings from our company have expanded and changed considerably. The original tools were substantially retired by 2004 based on changes in software markets and our evolving techniques to conduct selection work. Other business software and business process improvement services were added over time.


In 2006 the company name was changed from SoftSelect Systems LLC to Engleman Associates, Inc. One key reason for this change was to have a company name that was more in line with our expanded service offerings from the original business software selection roots.